Excel Spreadsheet Customization

Customizing Excel spreadsheet generation

Getting Started with Excel

No configuration is needed to generate a spreadsheet of report details. Open you report, scroll down to the Generate Reports section. and click the Excel icon to generate a spreadsheet.

Depending on the size of your report, rendering can take a few seconds. Once the report is done, your browser will download a new Excel document.

The default filename will be: YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS_CLIENT-NAME_ASESSMENT-TYPE.xlsx

Spreadsheet Contents

The spreadsheet's current version contains all the findings attached to your report. The first worksheet will contain a formatted table of your findings sorted by severity. The severity column will be color-coded with your configured severity colors.

It is impossible to insert evidence files into the spreadsheet cleanly, so it has an Evidence column. Ghostwriter replaces any references to evidence files with an entry in the Evidence column, so readers know there is additional evidence available for review.

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