Configuring Extra Fields

Ghostwriter v4.1 introduces Extra Fields, additional user-defined fields that can be added to several objects that Ghostwriter stores for data specific to your own workflow.


To configure extra fields, go to Admin Panel > Admin Panel, and then "Extra Field Configurations". Then select the object type you wish to configure extra fields for.

Each extra field has the following options:

  • Internal Name: Name used to store the field internally, as well as in templates. Cannot contain spaces, and must be unique across all fields for an object type.

  • Display Name: Name that is used in the UI for the field. Spaces are allowed here.

  • Type: The data type of the field. Currently this includes:

    • Checkbox: Single true/false checkbox

    • Single Line of Text: Single line of unformatted text

    • Formatted Text: Multiple lines of text with formatting

    • Integer: Whole integer value without any decimal component

    • Number: Numeric value, potentially with a decimal component

After saving the field, it will appear in the object's edit forms and in their detail pages:

Using in Templates

In templates, an object's extra fields are stored as subattributes of the extra_fields attribute. For example, to display the field with the internal name internal_contact on a Client stored on the variable client, you can write {{client.extra_fields.internal_contact}}.

The extra field may be None internally if the extra field was created after the object was, and has not been set yet.

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