Reporting a Problem

How to report a problem or get support

Getting Help

Oh no! Something went wrong and you need help or want to report a problem. The best place to start is right here, the wiki. Many common issues are caused by missing a step in the Installation section. Please make sure you have followed each step and seeded the database.

If everything looks good and you still have problems, pick one of these options.

Submit an Issue or Bug

Document your problem in a GitHub Issue. Include the following information:

  • What you tried to do

  • What you expected to happen

  • What actually happened

  • Relevant stack traces, screenshots, or other information

Discuss a Question or Problem

Feel free to open a GitHub Issue to discuss your question, but you may get a quicker response via Slack. If you join the SpecterOps BloodHound Slack team, hop into the #ghostwriter channel to discuss Ghostwriter with the developers and community.

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