Configuring Global Report Options
Configuring report styles
Ghostwriter's report engine pulls several default style settings from Command Center. The settings apply to all projects and reports.
Per report overrides are in development for all of the following settings.
You can set a weight (in EMUs; default is 12700 EMUs, or 1pt) for borders, a color code for border color (e.g., 2D2B6B), and the separator between "Table" or "Figure" and your captions. The default separator is an en dash (–).
These values only affect Word documents, but any future additions will also live here.
Global Report Configuration

Severity Categories and Color

Severity categories are managed in the Reporting application, under the Severity model. Set a color code for each severity category (e.g., 966FD6).
Do not change the name or weights without updating the HTML templates. Some templates modify styles based on specific severity names. Categories cannot be sorted alphabetically, so weights maintain the ordering in reports.
Severity Settings
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