Scope Tracking

Tracking hostnames and IP addresses in-scope for the project

Offensive assessments need scope lists, which should be easy to reference. The Scope tab helps you track as many lists as you like and assign them different properties. Each scope list is a newline-separated list of strings (IP addresses or hostnames).

Each list has a name, a preview of the first five lines, a button to expand it into a modal, a note field, and some properties displayed as icons next to the name. You can assign these properties:

  • Disallowed – The list includes hosts that should not be touched.

  • Requires Caution – The list contains hosts that require a "white glove" approach during testing.

Clicking the Expand button opens a modal that displays the complete list. The Copy to Clipboard button copies the full list to your clipboard in a format suitable for standard tools (e.g., Nmap).

Additionally, you can click the settings gear to access an Export Text File option. This option downloads a text file with the scope contents. The file can be imported using standard tools like Nmap or Burp Suite.

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