Finding Edit & Review Workflow

The supported workflow for reviewing findings added to reports

Local Findings

Findings added to a report are considered "local" to that report. Editing these findings have no effect on the "master" record in the findings library.

Finding Assignments

When a finding is added to a report the Assigned Operator is automatically set to the current user. The assignee is the Owner of that finding. If the current user owns the finding they will see a bold red You in that column. Findings owned by other users are represented by a grey username.

Findings assigned to a user will appear on that user's dashboard under /home when they login.

Finding Status

Each local finding has a Status that defaults to Needs Editing. Once the owner has finished editing the finding and attached evidence files they click Mark as Complete from the dropdown menu under Options. This changes the status to Ready for Review, a sign to the assessment lead that the finding is complete and can be reviewed for finalizing the write-up.

If the reviewer believes the finding needs more work, the Flag for Editing option will reverse the status.

This is a preliminary version of the review workflow. Future versions will enable reviewers to leave comments, sign-off on findings, and track changes.

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