Contributing to the Project

How to go about contributing code to the project

Becoming a Contributor

The Ghostwriter team welcomes contributions on GitHub.The team is open to discussing ideas for changes or enhancements and will review code contributions.

Contributing Ideas

If you want to discuss an idea, submit a GitHub Issue.

Before submitting an issue, please check the following:

  1. Has the idea (or something similar) been discussed on GitHub already?

  2. Is the idea (or something similar) tracked on the Trello board?

If yes, please consider joining that discussion.

If the idea has not been discussed, please clearly describe/answer the following:

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve?

  • What do want to accomplish with the change?

  • Do you have an example of how your idea might be implemented?

The team can't address every idea or issue immediately but does accept pull requests. If you feel up to it, consider implementing your idea and submitting the code for review.

Contributing Code

The Ghostwriter project gladly accepts pull requests (PR). All PRs must include the following:

  • Your code, based on the latest master branch

  • Clear statement describing what the changes and why

  • List of documentation changes (if any) that will need to be made if the PR is merged

  • New or updated unit tests covering your additions or changes

Your PR will be automatically reviewed by GitHub Actions. The PR must pass these CI/CD checks before it can be accepted by a member of the project team.

Make sure any code contributions that introduce new features or functionality to the core project are vendor agnostic and flexible. A good PR introduces something that many people are likely to find useful or beneficial.

A not-so-good PR is something specifically tailored to a certain workflow or assumes a certain vendor (e.g., registrar) or service (e.g., API, chat app). PRs like that would be better suited as a plugin.

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