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16 February 2022, v2.2.3


This is the final release of v2.2.3. This release contains everything from the release candidates with the addition of some minor changes. This page contains a complete changelog from v2.2.3-rc1, v2.2.3-rc2, and v2.2.3.

New Features

  • Expanded user profiles for project management and planning
    • Now visible to all users under /users/
    • Include timezone and phone number fields -Users can now edit their profiles to update their preferred name, phone, timezone, and email address


  • Fixed display of minutes for project working hours
  • Fixed "incomplete file" issue when attempting to download a report template
  • Fixed report archiving failing to write zip file
  • Fixed toast messages not showing up when swapping report templates
  • Fixed sidebar tab appearing below delete confirmations
  • Fixed cloud server forms requiring users to fill in all auxiliary IP addresses
  • Fixed project serialization issue that prevented project data from loading automatically for domain and server checkout forms
  • Fixed active project filtering for the list in the sidebar so it will no longer contain some projects marked as completed
  • Fixed a rare reporting error that could occur if the WYSIWYG editor created a block of nested HTML tags with no content
  • Fixed ignore tags not working for Digital Ocean assets
  • Fixed an error caused by cascading deletes when deleting a report under some circumstances
  • Fixed template linter not recognizing phone numbers for project team members as valid (Fixes #190)
  • Fixed a rare reporting issue related to nested lists that could occur if a nested list existed below an otherwise blank list item


  • Updated project list filtering
    • Added client name as a filter field
    • Changed default display filter to only show active projects
    • Adjusted project status filter to have three options: all projects, active projects, and completed projects
  • Updated dashboard and calendar to show past and current events for browsing history within the calendar
    • Past events marked as completed will appear dimed with a strikethrough and : Complete added to the end
  • Upgraded dependencies to their latest versions (where possible)
    • Django v3.1.13 -> v3.2.11
    • Did not upgrade docxtpl
      • Awaiting to see how the developer wants to proceed with issue #114
      • Not upgrading from 0.12 to the latest 0.15.2 has no effect on Ghostwriter at this time
  • Collapsed the Domain model's various categorization fields into a single categorization field with PostgreSQL's JSONField type
    • An important milestone/change for the upcoming GraphQL API
    • Categorization is no longer limited to specific vendors
    • Going forward, the field can be manually updated with valid JSON
    • Ghostwriter will look for JSON formatted as a series of keys and values: {"COMPANY": "CATEGORY", "COMPANY": "CATEGORY",}
  • Converted the ReportTemplate model's lint_result field to a PostgreSQL JSONField
    • An important milestone/change for the upcoming GraphQL API
    • This change increases reliability and performance by removing any need to transform a string representation back into a dict
    • Little to no impact on users but templates may need to be linted again after the upgrade
    • If a template is affected, the status will change to "Unknown" with a single warning note: "Need to re-run linting following your Ghostwriter upgrade"
  • Converted the Domain model's dns_record field to a PostgreSQL JSONField and renamed it to dns for simplicity
    • An important milestone/change for the upcoming GraphQL API
    • This change increases reliability and performance by removing any need to transform a string representation back into a dict
    • This field was always intended to be edited only by the server, so this change should not require any actions before or after upgrading
    • If an existing record's DNS data cannot be converted to JSON it will be cleared and user's can re-run the DNS update task
  • Added a "sticky" sidebar tracker to user sessions so the sidebar will stay open or closed between visits and page changes
  • Removed the legacy health_dns field from the Domain model
    • This field was part of the original Shepherd project and was an interesting experiment in using passive DNS monitoring to try to determine if a domain was "burned"
    • It became mostly irrelevant when services that supported this feature (e.g., eSentire's Cymon) were retired
  • Changed some code that will be deprecated in future versions of Django v4.x and Python Faker
  • Made it possible to sort the report template list
    • Sorting on this table is reversed so clicking "Status" once will sort templates with passing linter checks first
  • Updated the admin panel to make it easier to manage domains for those who prefer the admin panel
  • Projects now sort in reverse so the most recent projects appear first
  • Updated the report selection section of the sidebar to make it easier to switch reports when working on multiple and navigate to your current report
  • The logging API key message now includes the project ID to make it easier to set up a tool like mythic_sync
  • Removed the "Upload Evidence" button from editors where it does not apply (e.g., in the Finding Library outside of a report) (Fixes #185)
  • Updated the Namecheap sync task to use paging so Namecheap libraries with more than 100 domains can be fully synced (Fixes #188)
  • Dashboard once again has a "Project Assignments" card to make it easier to see and click projects
    • The calendar remains on the dashboard and is still clickable, but some people found it less intuitive as a shortcut
  • Some general code clean-up for maintainability

Security Changes

  • Updated Django to v3.2.11 as v3.1 is no longer supported and considered "insecure" going forward
  • Fixed unauthenticated access to domain and server library exports
  • Updated TinyMCE to v5.10.1 to address several moderate security issues with <5.10